Welcome to Critical Thinking
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What does it mean to think critically?

  • Thinking formally on information for the purpose of figuring it out, making a decision, drawing a conclusion, interpreting information based on related data.
  • Critical thinking tends to reduce subjectivity, partiality, biases, maximizes objectivity and improves quality of thinking.
  • A well cultivated thinker raises vital questions, gathers and assesses relevant information, comes to a well reasoned conclusion and solution, and communicates effectively.
  • Has to be reflective (thinking about your thinking).
  • Must also meet high standards.

The purpose of this module is to enhance critical thinking skills to improve performance and accomplish mission goals. We begin in Lesson 1 by teaching how to identify problems, determine your goal, and realize there may be multiple solutions available. Lesson 2 focuses on exploring the thought process - identifying biases, points of view - and gathering information. In Lesson 3, students must prioritize and evaluate the potential solutions to their goals. Finally, in Lesson 4, we discuss the ongoing process of critical thinking and integrating critical thinking into all aspects of your decision making process.

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