Strategic Re-Visioner

The Strategic Re-Visioner proceeds as if the goal is to construct knowledge, to move toward better conclusions or greater confidence in conclusions as the problem is addressed over time.

Key Indicators

Major improvements over Pragmatic Performer:

  • Prioritizes and addresses limitations effectively
  • Interprets and re-interprets bodies of information systematically over time as new information becomes available
  • Exhibits a strategic, long-term vision
  • Spontaneously considers possible ways to generate new information about the problem

Approach to Reasoning

The Strategic Re-Visioner exhibits an ability to integrate Step 1, 2, and 3 skills into an ongoing inquiry process described as Step 4. He acknowledges the limitations of his proposed problem solutions in a realistic way, easily applies a wide array of knowledge to complex problems, excels at strategic planning and continuous improvement processes, and can take the “long view.” He is likely to be on the leading edge of his profession because he can design practical research projects to generate useful new knowledge, and he can recognize or create opportunities that others don’t.1

A person who can exhibit Strategic Re-Visioning does not always operate at this level. Sometimes we consciously choose to truncate the problem solving process for pragmatic reasons. Sometimes we are unable to access our most complex skills due to fatigue, environmental distractions, or other barriers to optimal performance. If we have these skills, however, we are more likely to be successful in addressing open-ended problems than those whose skills are not so well developed.

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